General Maintenance check list for machines you must follow



  • Check the machine for visual damages.
  • Replace the worm reduction gear oils
  • Check the compacting shoes for wearing. Replace if necessary.
  • Check the blankets for wearing.
  • Check the foundation bolts of the machine.
  • Grease all the bearings and moving parts.
  • Check the bearing bolts and replace them if necessary.
  • Change the gear oil of the gearboxes
  • Check the rubber coating of the fixation & drive rollers
  • Complete check of the cooling plant
  • Check the spray rings, piping and armatures
  • Check the pneumatic piping for proper connection
  • Check and retighten the electric connections of machine
  • Replace the chains and chain wheels of the drives


  • Clean the reflector for the edge guiding photocell
  • Check drive belt and chain
  • Check the inspection table with a cloth
  • Yarn singeing machine
  • Cleaning the burner rings
  • Cleaning the root blower suction air filter
  • Clean the traveling blower
  • Visually check the motors and pumps
  • Check the chain drives and tension of chains
  • Check that all the expanders are properly adjusted
  • Check the surface & readability of the expander rollers
  • Clean The machine from fluffs, dirt, chemicals
  • Check The function of the Solenoid valve
  • Check the spraying nozzles and clean them if blocked
  • Check the rubber coating of the Drive rolls


  • Grease Driveline
  • Adjust poly Tank Straps
  • Torque Axle Bolts
  • Check Hydraulic Filter indicator
  • Clean Radiator
  • Inspect and Clean Engine Air Filter
  • Inspect cab air Filter
  • Inspect Boom for Damage and Boom pipe for leaks
  • Inspect Hydraulic system for leaks
  • Cycle rear suspension all the way up and down


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