Customised Gear Boxes & Geared Motors

OEM Manufacturer of a wide range of products which include Phase Shaft Spiral Bevel Planetory Variator, Worm Geared Motors And Helical Bevel Gear Reducer.Some Custome gear applications for textiles, food, paper, steel, packaging & wind energy applications.

Phase Shaft Spiral Bevel Planetory Variator

We offer our important clients Planetary Variator. Pertinent in an assortment of modern applications, these involve two info prime movers. Some of its significant elements incorporate mechanically variable speed and acceleration or rotation of the output shaft. These are basically used for lithography based printing applications. These are portrayed by their characterized by their impeccable designs, dimensional accuracy, durability, and sturdy construction.

Phase Shaft Spiral Bevel Planetory Variator
  • Very high ratio, high torque gear motor applications
  • Mini gear boxes for textile and food industries
  • Phase shift gearboxes required for registration control in litho printing applications
Worm Geared Motors

We are occupied with the manufacture,supply, and export of Helical Worm Gear Motors. Paper mills require these motors for low speed and high torque applications. These are equipped for lifting and bringing down essential arms and spool loader arms. A few measures are undertaken by us to guarantee that these are in consistence with the largest amounts of quality, safety, and technological standards. Aggressively valued, these are exceedingly requested in the market.

gear reducer
Output torque (Nm): 43 to 4,000
Motor power range (kW): 0.12 to 22
Mounting: Foot, Flange or Shaft Mount
Helical Bevel Gear Reducer

We are manufacturer and exporter of best quality Helical Bevel Gear Reducer, which have a wide range in the worldwide commercial center. These are perfect for a two phase reduction Process and are likewise utilized for Paper Industry. Characterized by a smaller plan and operational productivity, these are exceptionally respected by our clients. These helical gear boxes are customized according to the determinations of our customers and designed for round the clock operation. These are anything but difficult to keep up and have been intended for offering long haul benefit.

Helical Bevel gear Reducer
Power: Up to 50-200kW
Material: Cast Iron & Aluminum
Torque: 1000-13000 Nm