Applications of Worm Gear: What You Should Know

Worm gear is a gearbox or  mechanical power transmission device. It is an invaluable piece of equipment and is available for power transmission in a wide range of machinery. Automobiles material handling equipment, machines, boats, elevators, forklifts, conveyors, cars — anything that relies on torque to produce its energy will need a gearbox. That’s because the gear box is the mechanism in which torque, the force generated by rotation, is converted into mechanical work.

Among the many different types of industrial gearboxes, one of the most common types is the Worm gear. The average worm gear has two parts, a steel worm gear and a phosphor bronze worm wheel. The worm and worm wheel mesh at a 90 degree angle.  These gears are very popular where you need mechanical power transmission for heavy loads using low energy consumption at high reduction ratios.

Because of its unique design, worm gears have a very specific type of use. Here are some of the most common utilizations.

  1. When Stopping Fast Is a Priority: Since back driving is nearly impossible with the worm gear, they have become a popular tool for devices where stopping needs to be done quickly and assuredly. Typical examples would be elevators and lifts.
  2. When Too Much Noise is a Problem: The two different materials in the worm gearbox and sliding contact gearing can greatly reduce the noise pollution from your gearbox, making it perfect for spaces where noise would be distracting. Industrial applications, elevators and escalators at various public places stand out as beneficiaries of this perk.
  3. When Space is a Concern: It’s not only majestic ships sailing through the ocean blue or trucks barreling down a deserted highway who benefit from a gear. Many machines that need to use torque must do so in confined spaces. The unique shape of the worm gear allows a greater flexibility and versatility for engineers. Packaging equipment, conveyors, and generally all small machinery will benefit here.
  4. Where Shock Loading is a Reality: Again the worm gear benefits from its uniquely different materials. The softer metals can more easily absorb the energy of sudden shock with less damage. This is particularly useful to rock crushers and heavy duty machines.

Whether you are looking to increase the speed of your convey belt or trying to find a quiet solution to your machinery needs, the worm gear has a number of advantages that might make it the right tool for your job.







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